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Case Study - GH&F

Waste Water Reduction
Refund: £36,000
Savings: £6,000

Waste Water Reduction for Greens Health & Fitness

Water audit experts H2O were appointed to reduce the water and waste water costs for all 15 pool and leisure sites throughout the UK. This included a full and in-depth water audit which resulted in H2O securing a refund on the surface water charges levied by Severn Trent Water. This totals £36,000 with annual reduced charges of some £6,000.

H2O has carried out water cost reduction surveys on all sites and are now in the process of installing on-line data loggers (AMR) to all Water Company water meters. This will enable us to monitor daily and overnight flow rates and base loads when the clubs are shut. If there is any flow, the system will calculate volume and costs and a survey will be undertaken to ascertain the reason for continuous flow. We can monitor this remotely as the system is web-based, and take immediate action to rectify the wastage to minimise the financial impact. The system will also supply us with actual meter readings for billing purposes – no more estimated water bills. Furthermore, in order to protect the sites against future water leaks, an alarm will be built in. If the system records a flow above the norm, a message is sent to monitors for action and further investigation. If required, H2O will dispatch water leak detection engineers.

This strategy for on-line monitoring and targeting is likely to produce savings in excess of 20% of the total spend on water and waste water costs in a few months.

Total Refunds Achieved (to date): £36,000.