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Case Study - H&F COUNCIL

Water Cost Reduction
Savings & Refunds: £500,000

Water Cost Reduction for Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Since 2003, Hammersmith & Fulham Council has employed the expert services of H2O Building Services. Working with the Energy Manager and Environment Department, substantial savings and refunds have been achieved – we were delighted to report £500,000 worth of savings and refunds. The various works consisted of: an initial water audit, actual site surveys which generate reports containing recommendations for savings, specification of work to achieve savings, cost to complete and pay-back. We have some impressive examples:-.

Tom Williams House – Residential Flats

The water consumption appeared high, we carried out a flow rate check on the water meter and concluded there was a leak somewhere on the supplies underground. H2O carried out water leak detection and repair to the leaks identified and savings of £53,000 were achieved.

Linford Christie Stadium

A water audit was carried out on historical bills; H2O concluded, taking into consideration facilities on site, the costs far exceeded the benchmark figure, a survey was carried out and two water leaks were traced and repaired, resulting in an actual saving of £10,000.

The Bishops Park

This is the largest, most significant result on the estate. For over six years the council received bills from Thames Water of around £35,000 per year. H2O carried out a water audit going back six years and discovered the bills were mostly estimated. A site survey was therefore completed, and the result was that the water meter dial had not moved in over six years. We then turned the water supply off, and submitted a claim for a refund of overpaid charges, resulting in a refund in excess of £150,000 and an annual saving of £35,000.

Total Refunds Achieved (to-date): £500,000