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Surface Water Monitoring
Saving: £950,000

Water Cost Reduction for Somerfield Stores

With water charges significantly rising year on year, supermarket operator Somerfield enlisted our technical expertise. We helped them reduce water consumption, and the surface water and highway drainage charges, in the United Utilities, Severn Trent and South Staffordshire water areas.
In the few months the project has been running, H2O have accrued refunds and savings in excess of £200,000!

Action in Progress

With a target for savings and refunds of £350,000, we have employed a number of specialist methodologies to realise the maximum possible savings and reduction in charges for Somerfield:-

Auditing present and previous billing to identify incorrect charging.
Checking and reducing surface water charges levied by ‘United Utilities’ (formally North West Water).
Checking and reducing surface water charges levied by ‘Severn Trent Water’ and ‘South West Water’.
Benchmarking sites according to operation and facilities. High water consumption sites are then targeted, surveyed and work is being undertaken to reduce costs at each of these sites.

Total Savings Achieved (to-date): £950,000