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Case Study - SWFC

Leak Detection Specialist
Refund: £60,000

Leakage Detection at Sheffield Wednesday Football Club

Having received the last 12 months’ water bills from the client, we proceeded to carry out a full site survey of all water fittings and underground supplies.

Through one small metered supply at the Leppings Lane car park entrance, the annual consumption was 26,890 m3 per annum, with the associated cost being £42,217 per annum. Having fully investigated this supply we concluded there was a substantial leak on the old lead supply entering the site; we then proceeded to carry out leakage detection and repair.

There were uncontrolled flushing urinals in other buildings on the grounds.

Leakage Detection & Repair

Having repaired no less than three leaks on the supply the water consumption was substantially lower, which resulted in an annual saving of £38,665 per annum. The capital cost to achieve this result was only £4,650.

Further to the savings above, H2O’s experience led to our negotiation and securing of a leakage allowance for the element of water that did not return to sewer.  The refund achieved for the football club was £22,000.

In addition, H2O installed 21 flow-tec passive infra-red urinal flush controls to those urinal systems that were flushing constantly and uncontrolled. This resulted in a further saving of £4,000 per annum.

Action Taken

Following the consultancy and services provided by us, the total saving accrued during the one financial year was £60,665, with the total capital costs to achieve this result being a mere £6,500.

Total Savings Achieved: £60,665 per annum