We’ve done it! H20 Building Services’s very first “off grid” alternative water supply

H20 Building Services are absolutely delighted to announce the very first “off grid” alternative water supply.


The idea first conceived by Graham Mann water audit expert in 1998 when carrying out a water cost reduction survey for the prison service in Surrey. He discovered during the course of his survey that the prison was built on top of a large national underground water source or aquifer. This water source actually supplied the old original Banstead Hospital since then of course it has been demolished and replaced with a prison.

Further investigations then and more recently indicate good quality water and the ironic thing is that the local water company are abstracting water from the very same aquifer and re-selling the water to the prison.

The recommendation tothe prison service in 1998 was to construct an “off grid” alternative water supply, abstract the water and reduce the prisons water costs substantially.


As water was so cheap during 1998 and water cost reduction was not a hot topic as it is nowadays the alternative water supply was never constructed. It is now as water charges have risen and with public sector finances under pressure its back on the drawing board.


Meanwhile H20 Building Services were commissioned to reduce water costs for a large manufacturing plant in Yorkshire, the client uses vast amounts of water in the manufacturing process. Switching water supplier to another water retailer was not an option as the potential for an attractive reduction was non existent, an “off grid” alternative water supply on the other hand was.

An alternative water supply feasibility study and report was complied by the alternative water supply team and the report was submitted to the Finance Director for approval in consideration of the£100,000 a year savings on the water charges, together with the environmental rewards. The alternative water supply project was signed off and given the green light, to the obvious delight of the client and water audit expert Graham Mann.


Graham Mann says “From an idea to reality this is  fantastic news, and now with water deregulation well underway in the UK we are using this event to push forward with a national campaign as we can undercut the water company supply charges by substantial margins. In order to make a real impression on our clients water bills we have to innovate and for medium and large water users we have many very attractive products and services to offer. I am proud to be leading the way in this deregulated water industry”


Why not consider an “off grid” alternative water supply?


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