How Automated Meter Reading Can Deliver Cost Savings

Businesses looking to drive efficiency and cost savings in the new year might want to start looking into automated meter reading now to find out how they could benefit in 2019 and beyond.


Writing for Open Access Government, Arqiva’s business development manager Tony Anderson explained that more than ten million smart meters have already been installed to help manage the country’s domestic energy demand – and it’s thought that these devices could have the same impact on our water market as well.


By using smart meters, the amount of data that can be collected will increase, which means that water suppliers are better able to carry out real-time reviews of water supply and usage, assessing the likes of leak detection, consumption and demand management.


This will help you and your business monitor your own levels of water consumption, as well as identifying any potential leaks – saving you time and money. You’ll also be able to access information via the internet, so you can monitor and control your water habits, which it’s thought could result in a 12 per cent drop in usage.


“Today’s water industry is certainly riding a sea of radical transformation – and the rate of change isn’t about to ebb now. Ambitious leakage reduction targets, the threat of Ofwat fines and the emergence of disruptive technologies are all contributing to an extended period of evolution for the sector.


“Water companies need a smart metering solution that can drive efficiencies for the short and long-term, and keep up with the demands of this transforming market. At least for now one thing is sure: the case for widespread deployment of fixed network smart water meters has never been more urgent, nor stronger,” it was observed.


The benefits of using a smart metering service include seeing a positive return on your investment in just a matter of weeks, ensuring that your billing is based on highly accurate meter readings and allowing you to identify water leaks and other problems in a very timely fashion.


We can see how much water you’re using on site at hourly intervals just by measuring the water flow. If a sudden spike is identified, we can then check to see if there’s a problem and act accordingly.


And if we notice that data trends change over time, we know that the demands of your business have changed and we’re able to adjust our efficiency strategies in order to keep your savings at the optimum level.


We can break your water usage down by building, department, tenant, equipment or shift. We can compare sites and correlate water usage with equipment and personnel, so you can see who’s using water, for what purpose, where and when. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us today.