Digital Technology ‘Transforming’ The Water Industry

Automated meter reading - H2O Building Services

There can be no denying that we’re living in the age of technology, with industries embracing innovation left, right and centre… and the water sector is certainly no different in this regard, it would seem.

Writing for Greenbiz, founder and CEO of Water Foundry Will Sarni explains that digital technology has in fact successfully transformed this particular industry, as well as society’s relationship with this natural resource – and adoption is now on the rise.


He puts this growing interest in digitalisation down to heightened awareness of the water crisis, as well as an increased rate of adoption of digital tech to protect the resiliency and sustainability of water resources around the world.


“Time is of the essence when we talk about addressing these critical issues. Digital technologies are at the forefront of solving water quantity and quality challenges. Solutions such as artificial intelligence and blockchain are helping to vastly improve our understanding of surface and groundwater supplies, how infrastructure is managed and how communication with customers and consumers on water quantity and quality is managed.


“The adoption of digital water technologies is accelerating in response to increasing water scarcity and poor quality issues,” Mr Sarni continued.


He concluded that digital tech will not be sufficient to resolve the water-related challenges of the 21st century and both private and public sector organisations will need to bring in a culture of innovation while working out how to scale their digital tech solutions.


If you’ve been reading the headlines and are concerned about water stress and scarcity, which is an issue even in the UK with our abundance of rain, what about looking into automated meter reading (AMR) as your first step towards using more digital technology across your business to help you improve your water management?


AMR is a technique employed to continuously monitor water usage across a site, also known as data logging. A smart meter is installed on your business premises that can track how much water is being used at hourly intervals by measuring water flow. If a sudden spike is seen, it indicates that there may be a problem that needs investigating, such as a water leak.


It’s important to be able to act fast where leaks are concerned, as if they’re left to their own devices they can start costing you a huge amount in water wastage, not to mention the repair bills for any damage caused by escape of water.


AMR technology can also help you ensure that savings on water are kept at the optimum level by tracking data trends over time. If these change, it shows that the demands of the business have evolved and efficiency strategies can

then be tailored to suit. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with us today.