British Beauty Council Calls For Collective Action On Sustainable Beauty

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The British Beauty Council has published a sustainability report , containing recommendations for how the industry can work together to drive ward with sustainable beauty, as a response to the ongoing climate emergency.

The Courage to Change white paper indicates that the business case for sustainability is becoming increasingly clear, as well as revealing a need to improve transparency, particularly where consumer communication is concerned, and a need to strengthen collaborative ties with the UK government, Cosmetics Design Europe reports.


Founding patron of the Council and advisory board member Anna Teal explained that the industry would also need to work together across areas like supply chain logistics, packaging and processing, with the biggest impacts for many larger companies coming from early-stage logistics.


Moving to more localised manufacturing could help in this regard, she continued, further adding that water use was also a major concern for the sector, given how pressing water scarcity is now becoming in widespread areas around the world.


Speaking to the news source, Ms Teal said the report was intended to kickstart the sustainability conversation, noting: “It’s come at a critical time. We have issued the report through the pandemic period because the climate crisis isn’t going away.


“Regardless of whether there’s a pandemic or not, the challenge remains that a climate emergency has been declared and there is insufficient collective action being undertaken to really make the strides that could be made with a more concerted and collective effort.”


Ms Teal continued, saying that the important point is that the beauty industry has the desire to make change, aligning with the expectations and needs of consumers. The sector could also learn from other industries, such as fashion, which has a range of sustainable efforts already in place, such as The Fashion Pact and The Sustainable Apparel Coalition.


Whether they’re in the beauty industry or another sector, businesses can do an awful lot to reduce their impact on the planet and become more sustainable by focusing on their water usage and consumption.


As Ms Teal says, water stress and scarcity is fast becoming one of the biggest issues facing the world as a whole, but there is a lot you can do to reduce pressure on this incredibly precious resource of ours.


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