Net Zero 2030 Routemap Launched For Water Firms

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Trade association Water UK is poised to publish its Net Zero 2030 Routemap this month (November), setting out a blueprint for water firms to come up with their own action plans to achieve net zero, combining ways to reduce energy and water consumption, the generation of more renewable energy, the promotion of nature-based solutions and investment in new technologies.


Writing for Business Green, chief executive of the organisation Christine McGourty explained that water is absolutely critical to enable us all to lead our lives, but it’s predicted that England will see a shortfall of at least 3.4 billion litres of water a day by 2050 because of population growth and climate change.


The country could, as a result, be hit hard by climate change, but it’s also important to be aware of how critical water is to help mitigate this in the first place, with many strategies to reduce CO2 emissions dependent on reliable access to water resources.


Ms McGourty went on to say that there are no easy answers to the problem and the new Routemap will not provide a one size fits all approach to achieve the goals set out by 2030, but it should act as a catalyst to drive change and detail the opportunities for the value chain to align their efforts and achieve what they set out to.


“There can be no denying that we live in unprecedented times. But as the country continues to manage the impact of the pandemic, so too must we look ahead to the opportunity for collaboration and partnerships that will help to drive industries of all shapes and sizes towards a cleaner and greener future.


“Coming together to share knowledge and inspire new approaches and innovations is the new imperative that will protect this precious planet that we live on,” she added.


From a business perspective, you can start reducing your water usage and tackle the issue of water wastage by looking into bill validation. This will help to identify any spikes in usage quickly and efficiently, so you can deal with water leaks as and when they arise, while simultaneously eliminating high water charges.


Commercial water bills can be difficult and the more water your company uses, especially if you have different processes and multiple sites, the more complex your bills will become. Many of the charges are hidden or obscure, so it can be difficult for you to work out if you’re being billed accurately or fairly.


The validation process involves checking previous bills for accuracy and to ensure you’ve not been overcharged, identifying ways to save money on future bills and ongoing monitoring to make sure you never pay more than you should. Get in touch with the H2o Building Services team today to find out more.