What Is The Best Way To Maximise Your Water Bill Refund Due To Historical Overcharging?

Since Water Market deregulation 1,000’s of customers are being overcharged £Millions and they simply will not have a clue that they are being overcharged.


Even if they are having their water and waste water bills validated by a third party bill validation provider and using bill validation software to support this process then the overcharging will very likely continue unless a Water Audit Industry Expert validates the bills.


In addition to the bill validation process if any claims are submitted to your present water retail company for a refund of overcharges you may not be paid out the total amount owed and we explain why!


This may well preclude 1,000’s of customers from claiming the full amount of the overcharges.


You could be owed £1,000’s due to historical overcharges on your water,waste water and trade effluent charges.

Take a FREE water audit today, you have nothing to lose Email a copy of your bill(s) and we will get back in a few days with an audit report Email to

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