Yorkshire Water Reusing Treated Water To Produce Concrete

In a bid to provide new and different business water solutions, supplier Yorkshire Water has announced that it will be reusing treated water from a wastewater treatment plant to produce concrete in partnership with construction solutions company Tarmac.


Tarmac created batches of concrete using the water and then moved it to the Esholt wastewater treatment site, where it was then poured into a series of slabs due to be used as foundations for a National Test Centre to explore new and different water technologies.


Usually, water is returned to rivers after being treated and, although this is below drinking water quality, it can be reused in various industrial processes. It’s possible that by reusing the water in this way, pressure will be reduced on the supplier’s drinking water supply network, as well as driving down carbon emissions and reducing the costs of water treatment.


If these trials are successful, Yorkshire Water will further explore how reused water supplies can be developed for concrete manufacturers, as well as other business users.


Phillip Blaen, project manager, said: “Water supply and protecting the environment are two of our Five Big Goals so this is a priority for us. We are excited about this project and the benefits it can bring to our customers.”


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