Canal and River Trust in deep water over surface water discharge fees – up 1000%

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

Many 100’s if not 1,000’s of businesses and local authorities will have by now, or indeed will soon receive unwelcome letters from Canal and River Trust (formally British Waterways) the letter will contain a demand for a very substantial increase in fees for discharging rainwater (surface water) into a canal  or river under the control of the Canal and River Trust.

The latest example as shown here:-

Canal and River Trust increased surface water charges letter

Fee increases from £ 29.04 per year to £ 3,798.50 per year. They have changed their tactics, they are no longer honouring existing discharge licences signed up in good faith as these documents state they can only increase fees by RPI or not at all, now when we challenge these contracts they are simply serving notices to cancel them, forcing people to sign up to a new agreement and accepting the massive hikes in fees, this behaviour is absolutely deplorable.

Interesting to note, I wonder if the patron of the Canal and River Trust H.R.H The Price of Wales has endorsed this unacceptable behaviour? I would surely welcome his comments in this regard.

I would like to hear from business or local authority that has received notification from the organisation to contact me directly or indeed email me copies of any letter you have received, the more people come forward to me the more likely we can do something to reduce these completely ridiculous increases.

Email me in the strictest confidence.