Water Audit Experts H²0 Building Services are still receiving complaints regarding massive fee increases from the Canal and River Trust.

By Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

Over the last few months H²O Building Services the water audit experts have been receiving complaints regarding the substantial fee increases demanded by the Canal and River Trust (ex British Waterways).

In todays economic climate the unregulated fee increase demands for the service of receiving rainwater draining from business properties into waterways managed by Canal and River Trust into canal’s and rivers are increasing to ridiculous numbers. This organisation appears to be using “bully boy” tactics in order to leverage these unacceptable increases of £70 to £6,500 per annum as a prime example.

Never in the 30 years I have been in the water industry have I seen such tactics and fee increases in the water services sector.

I am so appalled by this situation I have decided to write a formal complaint in the strongest possible terms to the Government Minister responsible for water Mr Don Rogerson MP. I want to draw his attention to the substantial demands and the tactics used by the Canal and River Trust.

Mr Dan Rogerson MP is the Minister responsible for the water resource and environment management, rural affairs and forestry. His responsibilities include: –

* Water – Water resource management and quality including the regulator OFWAT.

* The Water Bill – which includes the up and coming opening up of the English retail water market in April 2017. Which will give companies a choice to switch their water supplier for a better water service and price.

* Flooding, coastal erosion and flood insurance.

* Inland waterways which of course includes the overseeing of the Canal and River Trust.

Resource and Environmental Management.

* Climate change adaption.
* Environmental impacts of climate change mitigation and bio fuels.
* Environmental regulation.
* Sustainable development including sustainable consumption and production.
* Waste management.
* Air quality, noise and litter.
* Localism and civil society.
* Deputising for the Secretary of State at EU environment council.

I will put a copy of the complaint letter to Mr Dan Rogerson MP and also his reply on our news blog, watch this space!