UK Water Suppliers Urged To Strengthen Customer Trust

The UK’s commercial water services have been called on by industry regulator Ofwat chairman Jonson Cox to view the scrutiny the sector is currently under as the perfect opportunity to renew their commitment to their customer base.


Mr Cox made these comments at the Water UK City Conference 2018, saying that firms must not now rest on their laurels and pat themselves on the back at what has been achieved so far. In actual fact, they have not gone far enough and “renewed effort” is now a must.


He suggested that customers will most likely be looking at news headlines relating to the water sector and seeing nothing but high debt, high dividends, offshore companies and complex holding company structures… which may not be inspiring confidence.


Mr Cox went on to say: “The apparent one-sided benefits from these practices, enjoyed by the [highly leveraged companies], bring doubt and consternation and are not seen as consistent with public service behaviour. The more they read about it, the less they like it.


“They do not have the sense that their water company is on their side, but rather that it is more interested in boosting financial returns. The customer on the Clapham omnibus may not understand the detail but he knows the ‘settlement’ doesn’t feel fair.”


In conclusion, Mr Cox called on suppliers to secure the trust and legitimacy in the water industry by contributing positively to Ofwat’s programme, with licence changes in progression to ensure that each individual company can find its own way to improve the situation as it stands.


Of course, if you’re not currently happy with the way that your own supplier operates, as a business you are now able to make your own decisions with regards to which company you want to use.


It would make sense to get in touch with a water consultancy so you can have bill audits carried out, as well as comprehensive site surveys and reports into water and effluent cost reduction. Monitoring your bills is a good idea as it will mean you pay exactly what you owe and no more – and it can also show if you’re being overcharged, which may inspire you to consider using a different water company.


There’s also the added benefit of being able to detect leaks quicker, so they can be repaired in a timely fashion and won’t end up costing you the earth. Acting fast is key in this regard as the longer you leave a leak, the more problematic it will become – and the more damage it can do to areas of your site.


If you’d like to find out any more about this or other concerns regarding your water supply, get in touch with the friendly and experienced team here at H2O Building Services today. We’re looking forward to your call.