10 Years Of Success For Scottish Retail Water Market

While the English retail water market may have only just opened its doors a year ago, its Scottish equivalent has been enjoying success for the last decade – just celebrating its ten-year anniversary at the start of April.


Commenting on the news, a spokesman from the Scottish government noted that the country has a “dynamic retail market” that offers its customers far-reaching opportunities. There is also a robust, independent regulatory processes in place to help support the water industry’s performance and make sure that the retail market remains fully competitive, Utility Week reports.


The Scottish market’s first non-domestic retailer was Business Stream, a company that was set up back in 2006 as a subsidiary of Scottish Water. It expanded its operations in April last year after acquiring the business customer base of Southern Water after the English market opened.


Since opening, Business Stream says it has delivered over £160 million in savings to customers. Chief executive Jo Dow was quoted by the news source as saying: “It’s a fantastic achievement to be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Scottish market and, simultaneously, the first anniversary of the English market.


“It’s been an exciting time for the water industry and I’m proud of the role we have played, advocating competition for customers and delivering over £160 million of benefits for our customers to date. Our focus now is on the next decade and ensuring that we continue to evolve and enhance our services and solutions in line with our customers’ needs.”


Figures from Ofwat show that, where the English retail market is concerned, around £200 million will be contributed to the UK economy as a result, as well as helping to drive significant environmental benefits. These include improving water efficiency, driving down prices and encouraging innovation, as well as improving customer service.


It’s worth noting that, as a business, you can now choose your own supplier of water and wastewater services in England – so you should be able to negotiate the best commercial water services package to suit your individual needs.


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