UK Droughts Could See Water Supplies Cut Off

If the water industry in the UK doesn’t prioritise water conservation and efficiency, and improve infrastructure around the country, severe droughts could see water supplies shut off.


This is according to the latest report from the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), making it clear that a new national water network is required to transfer water from places of surplus to those in dire need of it. Furthermore, it is also necessary to develop new desalination plants and reservoirs, as well as halving the amount of water lost through leaks come the year 2050.


Apparently, our water network is already under strain with a fifth of our supply lost every day to water leakages – around 3,000 million litres. In the last 20 years, the amount of water that families use every day has fallen by less than ten litres a person per day.


Chairman of the NIC Sir John Armitt has now said that a twin-track approach is needed to improve infrastructure and reduce leaks, as well as encouraging businesses and households alike to reduce their demand – which will make sure the network can meet future pressures from an increasing population and climate change.


Commenting on the findings, he said: “We take for granted that we will always have a reliable water supply, but despite our reputation for rain, the country risks water shortages. Climate change, an increasing population – particularly in the drier south and east of England – and the need to protect the environment bring further challenges.


“At present, 20 per cent of all mains water is lost to leaks, so we recommend that Defra should set an objective for the water industry to halve leakage by 2050. We also recommend allowing companies, beyond water-stressed regions, to be able to apply for compulsory metering alongside other water efficiency measures.”


As a business, if you’re keen to reduce water wastage and want to do more where leaks are concerned, there are lots of commercial water solutions you could consider. Water leaks can be so small that they’re barely noticeable or are hidden below ground so you don’t know they’re happening – but over time, these can result in huge repair bills for water damage and increased bills because of wastage.


Whatever the cause, whether it’s bad plumbing, wear and tear, accidental damage or faulty pipes, identifying these leaks quickly and effectively will mean you can solve the problem before serious damage is caused.


Carrying out a water leak investigation as part of a site survey is advisable so you can reduce the impact of potential leaks. It’s not just the cost to your business that you need to think about – the environment pays a heavy price as a result of leaks as well. The planet only has so much water and we do need to look after it.


With rapid population growth, more intensive farming, global warming and increased life expectancy, water resources are under increasing amounts of pressure. Get in touch with us today to find out how you could help protect this precious resource of ours.