The application of a complete water management project reduces water bills and maintains water savings.

A complete water management approach covers literally all aspects of your water and waste water charges, but first you must formulate a water strategy.


  • Centralise your water and waste water billing data


  •  Compile a water and waste water database 


  • Clean data base 


  • Complete a water audit by identifying any historical water company overcharging and undercharging 


  • Identify and implement “low hanging fruit”


  • Water management – drive down water consumption, benchmark sites, compile high users list.


  • Carry out site surveys, compile a written report containing recommendations for reducing water costs.


  • Implement those recommendations 


  • Seek to procure a better deal by switching water supplier in both the Scottish water market and the English water market. If you are a large water user consider leaving the  heavily regulated water retail markets and appoint an “alternative water supply” which will be 20% – 30% less cost than the water retail companies.



In this particular case study we show a prime example of the true value of fitting a water flow data logger to the incoming water meter. This device records water flow over time and can be viewed via an online portal, the continual water loss was recorded and alerted our complete water management team.

A report was generated and the suspected leak was recorded at a rate of 3 cubic metres per hour, or 26,280 cubic metres per year at a cost of £75,000!.

A water leak detection team were dispatched to carry out a water leak detection survey and report, click the link to view the high level, quality water leak detection and survey report LeakDetectionReportMarch2017-News