Vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen to become an energy company

Vehicle manufacturer enters the global energy industry and is soon to launch its own energy company. The new business will be called Elli which stands for Electric Life.


The company claims it wants to change the way people use electricity by offering data driven solutions and by offering smart energy and charging solutions and services.


They will be able to connect anyone to Elli’s electricity eco system which will include sustainable storage and battery solutions.


The new company will be targeting B2B customers in the first instance following on in the residential markets offering bi-directional chargers that will enable vehicle to grid services.


It is very interesting to see companies such as Volkswagen diversifying into the energy markets in the “first off the blocks” scenario will see other motor manufacturers follow suit or will they take a “wait and see approach”


Either way this is a bold move in a lucrative global energy industry much the same as the energy industry entering the water industry and the water industry entering the energy industry.


The lucrative markets are changing and evolving for the better as our worlds natural resources are depleting at an alarming rate.