Breaking news from the English Water Retail Market as Blue Business Water declares its hand.



News just released into the English Water Retail Market it that a new water supplier is poised to enter the market was no surprise, but what is a surprise is the company which already has its licence in Scotland to retail water wishes to retail water services in the English Water Retail Market. In order to entice customers it intends to offer a switch service in the gas and electricity markets  as well as water.

So in effect the company Blue Business Water Ltd who appeared according to Companies House to have made a loss according to their abbreviated balance sheet as at June 2015 needs to broker gas and power deals to prop up their English Water Retail business.

It appears that their main business in the English market is a broker in the electricity and gas markets with water thrown in?

This is an interesting strategic move, is it now just a case for sitting back and waiting for a major electricity or gas supplier to enter the English Water Retail Market?


To date the only real serious new water supplier to enter not only the English Water Retail Market but the national water supply market is The Alternative Water Company Ltd. The first formation of a national actual water supply company in decades offering discounts of a staggering 25%.


The Alternative Water Company Ltd appear to have the only real alternative in the water retail market aimed primarily at the large water users. They are poised to strip out tens of millions out of the water retail markets in Scotland, England and Wales within the next 5 years. This will be an absolute game changer now and in coming years, not only for the none residential water market but also the residential water retail market.


Watch this space for more water industry news!

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