The English Water Retail Market opens April 2017 are you ready for the big bang?

English Water Retail Market - Union Jack Droplet

April 2017 should be in your diary, that’s of course if water procurement is your bag, as the English Water Retail Market opens allowing water companies to compete for your water retail business.


With a steady trickle of water companies declaring their strategies with more to be revealed in the coming weeks and months for sure.


Water consultants Waterscan Ltd have declared their strategy which is a complete turnaround from their existing business for sure.

Under their “water supply procurement service” section of their website they state ” A scoring mechanism tailored to your personal criteria” and “attendance at water suppler presentations” and more importantly “Well informed independent choice to maximise cost reduction”.


Their synopsis of their business plan submitted to Ofwat ” Waterscan aims to position itself as the innovative and independent partner for strategic water management services to the commercial market. We will support multi-site clients in the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure sectors. Our retail service will operate as a separate business unit whilst using Waterscan’s existing water management software and expertise. Our core service will be to provide accurate client billing data to wholesalers, retailers and clients”


How can a water audit business on the one hand declare independence and on the other apply for a water retail licence?

Throwing away your independence and recommending your own company to switch to will surely confuse customers. How can they possibly advise customers independently on this basis?  Poacher turned game Keeper?

The water industry needs many more independent water consultancies in order to challenge and effect change, jumping into water retail is not a good move for the industry. Though it is common knowledge amongst those in the water audit and water consultancy industry what the potential driver is for this move.


So if your business is seeking to tap into 30 years worth of experience within the water industry and in need of expert guidance, support and independent advise in the English Water Retail Market  or indeed the Scottish Water Retail Market give us a call on 0845 658 0948 or email