The UK water industry is about to change with the imminent opening of the English Water Retail Market.

As the UK water industry is about to change with the opening of the English Water Retail Market come April 2017, businesses and none residential organisations can if they so choose be able to switch water supplier in order to theoretically obtain more competitive rates from water and waste water suppliers.


The changes are set to increase the annual value of the UK water market by some £2billion. However, it seems many businesses and none residential customers are largely unaware of the changes that are about to take place, also what the benefits of the changes may bring to their business or organisation.


As a result of these changes Raconteur is publishing a 16 pages special report entitled “Future of Water” in The Times on 8th December 2016. The aim of the report is to educate the papers extensive readership base on the evolving nature of the water industry, the growing uncertainty of water as a resource and the benefits they can expect to enjoy in the near future from the opening of the English Water Retail Market in April 2017.

Through expert analysis from renowned journalists, visually stunning infographics and insightful commentary from industry thought leaders this report will comprehensively look into driving forces and key developments within the water sector.


The report is both timely and pertinent given the imminent opening of the English Water Retail Market and the growing global and regional concerns.


The publication date is the 8th December 2016.