A focused water management strategy identifies a £97,000 water leak via an online water flow data logger.

A combination of a focused water management strategy drawn up and implemented by a Water Audit Expert will produce short, medium and long term water savings with paybacks a matter of weeks.


On large sites it would be difficult if not impossible to implement a site water audit and issue a water audit report with recommendations to reduce water costs without utilising water flow input data, especially on large sites such as Universities, Leisure Park and Hospitals.

The flow data in the right hands will give a clear understanding of the pattern of use over time, water volume and costs.

Not only is it possible to accurately quantify  water volumes but also obvious wastage due to say water leaks can be converted into a monetary value, which would be a key driver in rectifying obvious water leaks.


In this instance the total water and waste water bill per year is £200,000 of which 45% or £97,000 is water leakage!


With the water flow data loggers installed to the incoming water meters the system then exports the water flow data to an online water management data platform, producing a graph.

Water flow data logger - Focused water management strategy

In this case study the daily and overnight continual base load was 5.04 cubic meters per hour = 44,150 cubic meters per year at £97,130.


A water leak alert report was issued to the client and within a few days a large water leak was detected and repaired bringing the water flow base load down to 2.48 cubic metres per hour, a water saving so far of £48,000 per year.


To view the pre and post leak detection graph please click here.