The “Future of Water” report is out

The English Water market is about to be deregulated, what’s in it for none residential customers, and will deregulation encourage real competition and innovation?


What’s in it for none residential customers?  – Well for the first 3 years it appears not a lot in terms of discounts which are the commercial drivers for switching water supplier in the first place. Discounts are estimated to be in the region of 0.5% – 1%, however in an effort to entice customers water companies are offering “added value services” advice on reducing water costs through water efficiency measures. However as a part of the package this “added value service” will be charged for and integrated as a part of the overall package, essentially providing revenue take from the customers as there is very little margin to play with, even for medium to large water users such as Leisure Parks, Hotels, Hospitals, Universities and large manufacturing and production facilities.


Yes there may be a small saving upon switching water supplier and transferring to consolidated billing for those companies or organisations that have multiple sites receiving water bills from many different water companies but by switching to consolidated billing and receiving one bill for all sites this could be an attraction and considered a short saving, but other than that very little in the way of innovation.


If your business or organisation is a medium or large water user there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel as a brand sew national water supply company commenced trading in April of this year The Alternative Water Company Ltd was conceived by Water Audit Expert Graham Mann who heads up a leading water consultancy H20 Building Services based in West Yorkshire with over 25 years’ experience within the water industry.

Mann’s firm has an impressive client portfolio reducing water costs for many well-known UK companies in Leisure, Manufacturing, Retail and Hotels.


For more information read the long awaited “Future of Water” report distributed by The Times, click the link :-


The Times - Future of Water report 2016