95% of the water bill is incorrect yet Yorkshire Water refuse to refund £30,000 worth of overcharges.

Hard to believe in this economic climate, with changes a foot in the English water retail market which opens up to competition April 2017 as water companies jostle for position they must wonder how many customer they may lose to other water companies.

So why does Yorkshire Water refuse to refund a business customer overcharges of at least a staggering £30,000.


The Water Bill Validation team at H20 completed a historical water audit and of the £6,300 per year charges some £6,000 of the annual charge was billed incorrectly, 95% of the water bill!!


It certainly appears that this water company has not lived up to its claims on their website, it states ” Our aim is to confirm that your being charged correctly by your water supplier and are aware of any rebates which could be refunded to you”


So why not refund? Well put simply, it is not their policy! referring to consumer law is this legal?


The water industry is a law unto its own it seems, with companies such as Yorkshire Water being in a position to charge its customers for services not provided is shameful.


Is your business a customer of Yorkshire Water? if so how confident are you that the water bills they are sending to you are correct?