Anglian Water admit bill system error as potentially 1,000’s of incorrect water bills issued.

The Water Audit Experts at H20 Building Services recently reported incorrect water bills issued by both South Staffs Water and Anglian Water.

Further water bills received today issued again by Anglian Water are also incorrect, the errors appear to be on the trade effluent charges.


Anglian Water were contacted by the Water Bill Validation team at H20 to report the matter yet again and the water company admitted a systems error.

H20 estimates it is highly probable that many thousands of incorrect water bills have been sent out, the challenge for Anglian Water will be identifying these incorrect water bills and re-calling them.


H20 Building Services strongly urges the water company to issue a public statement warning of the system error and report what action they are taking to prevent potentially thousands of business customers from being overcharged.


With the English water retail market opening up to competition in April 2017 this is a worrying development.

Every year firms like H20 report substantial overcharging by water companies across the country, the water companies make huge profits yet it seems water company overcharges are still very much in abundance.


Only this week a water bill rebate of over £100,000 was secured by H20 with a further £100,000 worth of overcharging on the same water billing account, this time in the South Staffordshire water company area with further water bill overcharge claims in Scotland, the North West and the North East.


Water audit reveals incorrect Anglian Water bill.