H20 Water Audits seeking joint venture partnerships with energy and procurement companies

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

H20 Water Audits would add considerable value to a great many energy consultancies and procurement businesses both in Scotland, England and Wales. Gas – Power – Water and Telecoms cost reduction and efficiency go hand in hand yet the industry has a massive imbalance with an apparent unawareness of the potential for massive savings in the water and waste water industry. There are a vast many businesses into energy cost reduction, efficiency and strategic procurement but many do not have the internal expertise or indeed many may be completely unaware of the potential in savings in nearly all areas of business and the results that can be achieved are really very impressive, contributing to conserve a valuable resource – Water.

You only have to hop onto the internet in order to get the picture, for instance search Energy Broker – Energy Consultant – Energy Management  – Procurement consultant – Procurement management and what do you get? 100’s of businesses with very few offering to reduce water bills or providing a total water management service. This is because over the years utilities have been a larger part of a business overhead, lets face it if your business has a £10m gas and power bill and a £2m water bill where would your focus be?

Now in comparison search Water audits – Water Audit Experts – Water Bill Consultants – and what do you get? very few businesses that have real expertise to reduce water and waste water bills and provide all of the services that many companies  need within the water industry.

I was having a conversation with a national company only the other day in general gas and power costs £20m water £10m! with potential to save at least £3m on water excluding the likelihood of substantial water bill refunds due to water company overcharging, this is a common occurrence, Other examples are: –

Water audits revealed high water consumption on two holiday parks, over 60% of the total water consumption was leaking straight back into the ground, water leak detection and water leak repair costs for both companies combined were £22,000 saving £120,000.

That’s an example on the water demand side, procurement is also a very interesting area, in Scotland where you can change water provider to reduce businesses water and waste water procurement costs switching water supplier is simple, but getting the best value that requires water consultancy expertise.

So, search the web for – The Water Audit Experts – Water Audit Services – Water Audit Expert and make a real difference to your clients water charges.