Is your business a customer of Anglian Water or South Staffs Water? Check your latest water bills as they may be incorrect!

The water bills from Anglian Water and South Staffs Water were being processed by the Water Bill Validation team at H20 Building Services today and fundamental billing errors were identified.

Certainly to the untrained eye these bills would have been processed for payment resulting in overcharges.  Both of these errors are seemingly down to computer errors, however this error has the potential to effect many thousands of companies.


Please see the example of the water bill error below.


South Staffs water bill error


The other fundamental incorrect charges are on the latest Anglian Water bills, the first bill should be £66.18 not as stated £179.38.

Anglian Water bill error

The second Anglian Water bill should be £161.77 and not £260.18 as billed.


Anglian Water bill error


These are clear cases of water company overcharges, many other incorrect charging is not so obvious and requires considerable skill identifying historical overcharges where the figures are substantially more.