Spending £1million or more on water and waste water charges in Scotland? you must read this



Fact: Spending £1million on water and waste water charges in Scotland? The following businesses are not fully benefiting from the best available % discount in the Scottish water market, some examples are: –


Banks – Such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Clydesdale Bank, Bank of Scotland.


Supermarkets – Such as ASDA, Morrisons, Tesco


Public sector – All Scottish prisons

All Universities

All NHS Regions

Glasgow CC

Edinburgh CC


Hotel groups – Any paying over £1 million per annum.


Pool and Leisure companies or organisations – that pay over £1million per annum.


The brief list of both named and unnamed companies or public sector organisations what you have not been told and hence will not know is that if you are over the £1million threshold you will not have the best available deal. Not only that there will be sites within your estate that are being overcharged adding further insult to injury.


Curious? you should be so call the Water Audit Experts on 01924 207 334 and ask for a no obligation procurement – historical overcharge and water saving audit and STOP paying more then you need.