Even More Choice Of Water Suppliers For Business Customers!

If you’ve been thinking about switching water supplier over the last few weeks or months, you might want to look into the different deals that new suppliers coming to the retail market have to offer business customers. A new supplier has just applied to Ofwat for its licence and now has plans in place to enter the non-domestic competitive market to offer sewerage, water and trade effluent services.


According to Utility Week, the firm believes its customers will now benefit from a service that offers a variety of different utilities, with excellent customer service and good expertise when it comes to delivering cost savings.


The biggest competitive water retail market in the world opened for business in April last year, meaning that 1.2 million businesses, public sector organisations and charities throughout England no longer have to face restrictions when it comes to buying water services from regional monopolies.


It’s believed that the market will be able to reduce bills, encourage people to use less water, bring new offers and bundles to customers and also result in improved services.


So how does it work? According to Ofwat, it will operate in much the same way as other open utility markets like electricity, telecoms and gas. Suppliers will be able to buy wholesale services and offer packages to sell to those customers who are eligible.


Of course, regional water companies will still be able to serve non-eligible and household customers, with this new retail market working alongside the existing one in Scotland (regulated by the Water Industry Commission for Scotland).


Bear in mind, however, that non-domestic customers who use a water company whose area is mainly or wholly in Wales won’t be able to choose and will still have to receive retail services from their current water supplier.


You can find out more about changing suppliers on the Open Water website. If your business is eligible, you can opt to have one retailer for your water supply and a separate one for wastewater services, or choose to have the same one for both.


Make sure that you chat to retailers to see which one will offer you the best deal when it comes to reading your meter, bills and payments, water-saving advice and customer service. It might also be worth talking to your current supplier to see if they can change the deal you’re on.


But remember that now that you do have the freedom to choose, your business could spend less, save water and benefit from a whole raft of other advantages as well. It’s certainly worth looking into, at the very least.


The main reasons businesses do switch water supplier is to make cost savings with better tariffs, better customer service (such as more accurate billing and quicker responses to queries), value-added extras, and consolidating water supply across multiple sites with a single supplier. You could potentially reduce your water bills by between ten and 18 per cent as well.


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