The water audit experts total water management services introduction.


A two minute video introduction into a total water management service provided by the water audit experts at H20 Building Services from an initial desktop water audit report which when presented at no cost to the client will give an early indication of the potential water bill savings that could be achieved subject to further site investigations. Through to an actual site survey report which contains firm recommendations for action, savings and payback, in simple terms: –


* Provide copy water bills to H20.


* H20 to provide a preliminary desktop water audit report.


* Subject to approval the clients instructions for H20 to carry out the recommendations in the preliminary report.


* H20 to complete an actual site survey (if applicable) for possible installation and water consultancy services as required.


* H20 file the report to the client with supporting documentation to prove water savings have been achieved.


* On going water bill validation and bureau service management is provided to the client in order to ensure the water bills are levied correctly from the water companies and to ensure future savings are maintained as an integral part of the future water strategy.


Enjoy the short video presentation click the link here: –