Viridian Housing award The Water Audit Experts a 2 year water bill validation contract.






Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

Viridian Housing is an award winning provider of affordable housing in the UK, with over 16,000 homes in London, the Midlands and Sussex.

For the past two years Viridian have been working with The Water Audit Experts at H20 Building Services on a water bill validation and bureau service project which encompasses a pro-active water and waste water cost reduction service. Which results in all water bills being audited for historical overcharges and refund applications being made to the relevant water companies, including identification of water saving opportunities. The primary objective is to ensure all water bills levied are correct, all overcharges rectified and all water saving opportunities exploited.

A detailed water database is complied and maintained and now a water strategy is being drawn up in order to ensure Viridian Housing obtain the best possible value deal when the water industry in England opens its doors to competition in April 2017.

Nicky Mann, The Water Bureau Service Manager said “Its really great to have Viridian Housing re-new their two year agreement with us, we work hard to deliver real tangible water savings and to ensure the highest possible service levels are met or exceeded. This is a testament to the hard work and customer dedication of our water bureau team”