Water Audit Experts H20 support Stormsaver Kilimanjaro challenge

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.


When Mike Farnsworth, Director of the leading rainwater harvesting company Stormsaver first approached the Water Audit Experts H20 to support a Kilimanjaro challenge to raise money for Water Aid there were some people at H20 who quite frankly thought Mike was losing his marbles.


Having met the guys during a meeting Mike then told me of his very serious car accident, it is difficult to believe how he pulled through it, taking into consideration both the mental and physical injuries he sustained, but with the help of the fantastic medical staff and the support of his family and friends he pulled through. He decided to put a team together and climb a 20,000ft mountain to raise money for the charity Water Aid!


After very intense training he and his team completed the challenge and what an inspiration. Word is on the grapevine there may be more challenges ahead, no doubt another email will drop into my in box and others asking for support, and after looking at his achievements on this challenge how can we say no!

Water Aid-Stormsaver-Water Audit Experts H20