Water bill validation or invoice validation must incorporate pro-active water audit services

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

Water bill validation or invoice validation  must incorporate pro-active water audit services, simply checking water bills for arithmetical errors is not enough to identify water savings opportunities or water bills rebates due to water company overcharging and to maintaining water savings going forwards having completed a water project.

A complete water management approach is needed, a key part of complete water management is on going monitoring of the daily and overnight usage through the water meter via a data logging device (AMR) fitted to the water companies revenue meter. The water usage is recorded and the water flow data is sent via the mobile phone network  to a web based monitoring system. Where an increase in water flow is recorded an alert is sent to the water audit services managers, the data is analysed and a report is generated and sent electronically to the client with recommendations for action.

This is known as cost avoidance as most water companies only read water meters once every 9 months dependant on the customers water consumption, in this case the potential water leak would have cost the client £ 6,500 in excess water charges as previous water bills would have been on an estimated basis. Therefore without this type of pro-active monitoring water bill validation  or invoice validation is pretty much ineffective on the metered water aspect of the water bills which is where most water billing errors occur.

Please click here for an example water leak alert report Exampledataloggingreport