We are committed to professional water management.

Water is one of the most valuable resources in the world, and effective water management strategies are needed if supplies are to be secured for the future. It is crucial that we make an effort to use water as efficiently as possible in our homes, businesses and public buildings to ensure that waste is minimised.


The first step to improving water efficiency is to monitor your use. There in now technology available that can be used to track flows over a long period of time. This can provide you with useful data on water consumption levels, enabling you to keep a close eye on it. When you see an accurate assessment of your usage based on hourly recordings, it is easier to see areas where efficiency could be improved.


The monitoring technology also offers an added benefit in that it can spot signs of a leak very early on. If an increase in consumption occurs and there is no obvious reason for it, this may indicate that there is a water leak somewhere in the property. The early warning means you can react more quickly to fix the leak, preventing the water from being wasted and preventing any further damage to the structure of your property.


At H2O Building Services we are committed to helping businesses across the UK to improve their water management and improve efficiency, unlocking great savings in the process. Our team are highly experienced and can provide a flexible service to meet all requirements, regularly working with small and large businesses alike at hundreds of sites across the UK.


Our service can help businesses to save water by providing up to date monitoring technology, conducting regular audits and providing surveys and repairs for leaks. We can even validate your bills for you, ensuring you are not paying unnecessary charges. With our help businesses can often enjoy water savings in excess of 30%, translating to thousands of pounds. Even clients who already have efficient systems in place can benefit from our service and improve their water management even further. If you have any questions about saving water and managing consumption effectively, please contact us for further information about our nationwide service.

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