As Water Plus pulls the plug on Scottish Water customer service H20 Building Services demands OFWAT revokes their water retail licence

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Since water deregulation in England April 2017 allowing none residential customers to switch water supplier there have been many service challenges and water billing issues.


That is to be expected but 2 years on one particular water retail company Water Plus continues to cause huge problems with incorrect billing both under charging and over charging with no sign of improvement.


Only yesterday Water Plus abandoned their department that deals with their Scottish water customers without prior customer notification, leaving Scottish water customers in the lurch.

So any Scottish water billing queries such as billing errors and overcharging there is no service and no up front notification to customers, it is an absolute disgrace with yet another issue to deal with at Water Plus.


Graham Mann, Senior Partner at H20 Building Services says “In the 2 years since the water retail market opened in England Water Plus was ranked as the worst water retail company with zero improvement as customers face incorrect water and waste water bills.

Now they have pulled the plug on our outstanding water billing issues for our Scottish customers that my team have been working on for months to try and resolve.

The water bill validation team have numerous issues on a client account totaling nearly £400,000 on one customer consolidated account.

We get passed from pillar to post with different staff dealing with the billing issues and now it appears they have “downed tools” on our Scottish water accounts and been allocated other positions within Water Plus.

Asked how we continue for a resolution with our billing issues “they don’t know”!

We have placed 2 telephone calls to Water Plus, neither of which have been returned as promised which is nothing new there.

We have even written to the previous CEO Sue Amies King and the new CEO Mr Andrew Hughes and the sales Director Tony McHardy but nothing back, no calls, no emails nothing.

Why should customers suffer due to the incompetence from the top down”


Just some issues include: –


Countless emails and calls to resolve a billing issue, passed to 16 different staff to finally complete an £80,000 water bill overcharge case.


Numerous water billing errors unresolved which have been on going for over a year.


£400,000 worth of water billing issues on one client account.


After months and months attempting to resolve incorrect water bills for Scottish customers Water Plus ceased yesterday to deal with the on-going issues, when asked who will be dealing with them now “We don’t know” after months of communications on these cases our client water bill validation team are left high and dry.


The team have that many water billing issues we could not switch water supplier whilst the account is still a complete mess.


For months now I have had discussions with industry colleagues with Water Plus poor service and billing issues as the main topic of conversation, I may be sticking my head above the parapet on this issue but professionally I cannot simply sit and do nothing, something has to be resolved and drastic action is needed as these issues will undoubtedly effect water retail customer confidence and we as a business have a duty to protect our industry and our customers.


We shall now be pushing for a full investigation into this water retailers operations and they should be forced to resolve their billing and customer service issues or have their water retail licence revoked as this water retailer is doing nothing to instill customer confidence in the water retail market.


Does your business or organisation have customer service or water billing issues with Water Plus? Please send details to or call 0845 658 0948