Don’t expect big discounts when the competitive water retail market opens in England.

Don’t expect big discounts when the competitive water retail market opens in England, that’s right, no massive give aways, sorry folks!


OFWAT the regulator for the water industry in England has decided to hold the proposed water retail margin at 2.5% as many in the water industry claim competition will be stifled when the market opens in 2017.

OFWAT’s Senior Director for water 2020 David Black said the regulator will not reassess the cost allocation between retail and wholesale price controls set during PR14 “To be very clear, we are not reopening wholesale controls, we are not reopening the retail household control, we are only opening the retail none household controls”

Potential water market entrants have said the margin needs to be higher to make entry and operation in the market viable. Water retail margins should be reviewed in order to encourage more competition and create a more successful, more dynamic water retail market.

Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert at H2O Building Services says ” From the outset there were probably many business customers who had a high level of expectation, especially since the margin levels in Scotland have been so high, even now we are seeing even higher discounts being offered particularly for those customers who are coming up to contract renewal and water companies fight to retain market share. It is still very much a “bun fight” in Scotland with the emphasis on % discounts and not much else.

My advise is and always will be focus in on a short, medium and long term water strategy. Complete a water  audit, identify any overcharges, correct charges going forwards and drive down water consumption and waste discharge, then when the water retail market does open any discount however small will be a nice bonus.

We  as a business offer a “water bill validation and bureau service” which is a proven framework on the road to maximising water and waste water efficiency, each business will become part of a substantial group of other companies. We will use the overall value of our customer water and waste water accounts to maximise the discounted savings and home in and encourage water companies to provide added value services to drive efficiencies particularly in water billing, on line water flow monitoring and a whole wide range of water services which we as a business will manage on the customers behalf to ensure we maximise all available opportunities. I have no doubt if a business approached a water supplier with a £250k account or even a £500k to £1m that they are likely to get considerably less than if we approached the water companies with a £50m to £100m of diverse water accounts from all different industries. Taking note of all customers needs and expectations and drawing up the T’s and C’s accordingly using our expertise and forward thinking vision.

We are determined to secure landmark deals, it is not all about the % discounts, be a part of it”


“Value Water More”