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Water consultants H20 Building Services receive water industry news from all over the world, as you may imagine being in the water and waste water business. So in order to raise the profile of the water industry and to educate and inform which will promote our #ValueWaterMore campaign from time to time we shall select content from our chosen global water feeds which we think will be of interest to our readers.


The water consultants at H20 Building Services really do hope you enjoy our chosen links. If you have any specific content requests please do contact us and we shall do our best to locate and post specific content for you.


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Rivers in the Sky: How deforestation is affecting global water cycles.


A growing body of evidence indicates that the destruction of tropical rain forests is affecting water high up in the atmosphere leading to water scarcity and drought conditions in the US, China, India, Pakistan and the UK

How deforestation is affecting global water cycles


Some water companies seem to be struggling to supply customers in some areas of the UK.


Now it seems some private water supplies are struggling to cope as 1,000’s of homes in Moray are offered bottled water as concern mounts that the private water supplies may run dry.

Thousands to get free bottled water in Moray amid shortages in warn weather.


Did you know there is a national drought group in the UK? 


Nor did we! The UK is still in a continuing spell of hot dry weather, June 2018 was apparently the driest since June 1925.

The total recorded rainfall is only 15mm.

Some water companies are issuing notices of hosepipe bans.

Here is the present water situation and prospect from National drought group Chairman’s statement.


Do you recall the serious water scarcity issues in Cape Town? 


It still has not gone away.

At last they are implementing a water management strategy , as a part of the strategy the city of Cape Town is installing automatic meter reading equipment (AMR). This advanced water management tool will improve and strengthen water savings across the city and will provide daily and overnight visual water flow profiles providing water consultants key data to drive down water consumption and costs.

Cape Town turns to smart water solutions.