Water consultants H20 Building Services asks, customers water data who’s is it anyway?

We are nearly 1 year into water deregulation of the water industry in England, yet water retailers seem to be rather possessive with providing customer data.


One specific area of concern is water flow data by fitting a water flow data logger to the water companies water meter as an important part of a water management strategy.


H20 Building Services supply and install data loggers and down load the water flow to an online platform specifically designed to enable high level water auditing.


Some water suppliers such as Thames Water appear to be particularly obstructive and in most cases will not allow data loggers to be installed if there is already a device of theirs fitted which customers do not have access to.

This prohibits customers from accessing their water flow data.


Thames Water are also replacing water meters with ones that are unable to take water flow logging devices. This again is clearly an obstructive action taken by a water supply company which is not in the best interests of customers.


Other water companies are taking 6 – 9 months to process applications for permission to connect data loggers which again is not in the best interest of customers.


H20 Building Services are of the opinion that it is not in the best interests of water companies to smooth the path for processing applications and permission to connect due to the fact that requests for permission by management consultants and customers is usually a precursor to a water management project.

As once the water flow data is available, water consultancy experts such as H20 Building Services will use this data to enable them to identify areas on site where water savings can be made. Reducing water consumption means also reduced waste water discharges and lower water and waste water bills for customers, and of course lower revenues to the water suppliers.


The water companies need to realise the water data belongs to customers and they need to clear the way for easy access to water flow data collection as resistance in any form is not customer friendly.