H20 Building Services reports yet more poor customer service by large water retailer.

H20 Building Services provide a water bill validation and bureau service which involves checking and validating water bills sent directly from water retail companies.


During the last 10 days the water bureau team at H20 Building Services reported a significant increase in red letter reminders on various client accounts and threats of legal action and water disconnections due to none payment of water bills.


Checks were made on the data systems in order to pinpoint the water bills in query.


It transpires that water retailers such as Water Plus and Wave had started to transfer numerous customer water billing accounts onto a web access billing system and no longer send out paper bills. This was done without informing the customer or indeed gaining their permission and demanding (under late payment letters) payment for water bills not sent out.


This is just another string of complaints since water market deregulation in England, coupled with masses of incorrect water bills.


No replies to written complaints to Water Plus they are flouting their own complaints procedures and some clients within H20 Buildings Services portfolio have not received any correct water bills since April 2017.


It is no wonder the Consumer Council for Water reporting substantial increases in customer complaints, this is only the top of the iceberg.


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