“If you cannot measure it you cannot reduce it” says water and waste water audit experts H20 Building Services

Tens of 1,000’s of businesses across the UK are paying more than they should on their waste water and trade effluent charges.

30 percent in some cases whilst in the extreme 80 percent and as generally the waste water and trade effluent charges are substantially more per cubic meter then perhaps it would make sense to complete a waste water audit ?


Take a look at your water, waste water or trade effluent bill, in particular the cubic metre rate in comparison with your water charges.


Your water and waste water company will continue to charge your business the same rates year after year until the rates are challenged as the rates for waste water are estimated which is often a default charge.


But water and waste water consultants such as H20 Building Services challenge these charges on the customers behalf, having completed a water and waste water audit and where applicable by installing a unique and innovative microwave waste water meter with features such as : –


CE Approved

MCERTS Certified

Ultra low measurement

Real time 24/7 flow monitoring

Will take an AMR data logger

For on-line effluent and waste water monitoring 

Records and measures precisely your trade effluent and waste water flow and volume discharged to sewer

Conforms with your trade effluent discharge consent 


Accurate measurement of both waste water and trade effluent discharged to sewer is very often forgotten says Graham Mann, Senior Partner of H20 Building Services.


“Leisure Parks and Theme Parks are overpaying on their waste water charges, by the very nature of the site and operations underground water leaks often are 10-20 percent of the total cost for water and waste water.

With hundreds of underground joints and fittings that are prone to leaking coupled with old pipe work, many leisure parks are paying large waste water bills for waste water and trade effluent volumes that are not actually discharging.


With one particular care whereby a site was leaking and paying excess waste water charges to the water company of £180,000 a year for waste water the water company is not receiving due to underground water leaks .

There will be many thousands of sites in many different areas of industry in the UK paying excess waste water and trade effluent charges as we have case studies on average 20-30 percent!”


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