Water consultants H20 Building Services look back 20 years in the water industry.

Water consultants H20 Building Services look back 20 years, the message was the same then as it is now.



“We can guarantee you will save money on water and effluent bills ” 


“Some organisations are literally pouring their profits down the drain and paying far too much for the most basic of all commodities – Water” 


“Reducing costs to increase profits”


Very interesting to note the cost for combined water and waste water charges in the Thames Water region was £1 per cubic meter.


The first water saving device was a urinal flush control which was battery powered having a 5 year life, this device only flushed when movement was detected.


The savings were often around 80% even during the early days savings of £800 per set of urinals was the norm, saving a staggering 470 cubic metres of water per year or 103,400 gallons!

Enough water to supply 4 average families for one year, that puts water savings firmly in perceptive.


May thousands of the water savings devices were installed for companies such as ASDA, Nat West Bank, Barclays Bank, McDonalds, Whitbreads, Allied Lyons and public sector organisations such as Durham County Council, Northampton County Council, HMRC and MOD.


We were in fact one of the first water consultants to design a battery powered water saving urinal control device.


We then introduced a water saving shower which aerated the water and had a unique air intake as the water passing over the air intake hole air was sucked in which created bubbles and aerated the water that discharged from the shower and was set at 8 litres per minute.


H20 Building Services were the first water consultants to complete water saving surveys to all David Lloyd Leisure Clubs and then Cannon Health and Fitness Clubs now taken over by Nuffield Health and Fitness.

The project records show water savings across these two clients alone was £1 million!


Then we had water leak detection services and as you can see on our promotional literature at the time we detected and repaired  a water leak that had been running for 3 years adding huge costs to the clients water bills.

Again at £1 per cubic metre Thames Water charges at the time.

The water lost through leakage was 76,650 cubic metres or 16,863,000 gallons. To put in context that is enough water to supply on average 638 families for 1 year. In terms of a visual aspect this equates to 2,395 average sized petrol tankers lined up end to end.


This particular client was a private school, the water bills crept up over the years and eventually the school took action and H20 Building Services resolved the issue.


20 years on due to recent water deregulation, environment and financial pressure water and waste water cost reduction is now receiving the full attention it deserves.


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