High water and waste water bills – What do you see?

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.


High water and waste water bills – What do you see?


Take a look at this water bill what do you see? The amount £8,369 over a month, that’s within budget and passed for payment, total annual spend £90,000.

High water and waste water bill


The client is looking to reduce water and waste water volumes and costs under an environmental initiative, so the driver is “reduce carbon footprint” bonus reducing costs.

Copy water bills were sent in and a water audit was requested in order to determine the potential water savings and an estimated cost to achieve the savings. In addition to the water bills it was noted the client had a water flow data logger fitted to the incoming water company water meter, this is the meter that records all water consumption for the site.

The water flow data logger (AMR Automatic Meter reader) is a device that records daily and overnight flow profiles, in the right hands of a water audit expert this flow data accessed via the web is invaluable.

Take and look, what do you see? A graph right? Here’s what we see: – I have simplified it somewhat the arrow points to a base load which is known as “continual flow” by placing our cursor on the specific section the data logger platform gives a value in water consumption and costs, the water loss is an unaccounted water loss and at a staggering £44,000 per year and the volume is 15,768 cubic metres or 3.7 million gallons. From a visual perspective this equates to 525 standard petrol tankers lined up end to end. You may also note the huge increases in water flow which looks like a water storage tank filling. This visual flow data is really invaluable to aiding and complementing a focused water management strategy as without it you will only be left with a high water bill.

So we have come full circle, what do you see now?

A potential 45% reduction in the water bill!

On the basis of this water audit report the client has approved a water cost reduction survey and we will publish the results very soon.

High water and waste water bills - Data flow logging graph AMR