The regulator OFWAT releases new consultation paper on competitive water market



Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

OFWAT launches a consultation paper on water retailing and policy issues relating to the opening of the water retail market in England for none household sector.

About this document.

It is a lengthy 89 page document included within it 40 plus questions where OFWAT is seeking detailed responses as to whether respondents agree with the proposal to have separate licences for water and waste water retail services and if not how they would envisage that a single licence for water and waste water would differ.

The UK Government is fully committed to opening a water retail market providing choice to none household (businesses) customers in England and Wales from 1st April 2017 . This document forms a part of a host of consultations relating to market arrangements that are necessary to implement the water retail market. In particular the document focuses on proposals for the water and waste water  licensing arrangement for that new water retail market.


1) Executive summary.

2) The structure of the new market.

3) OFWAT’s approach.

4) Proposals for the new water supply licences.

5) Proposed amendments to the instrument of appointment.

6) Change to the application process and intended timeline.

7) Other water retail licensing matters.

8) Industry code.

9) Water and waste water tariffs and charges.

10) Next steps.

For the OFWAT consultation paper please click here : – OFWAT Water Retail Doc

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