“The Water Audit Experts” reveal a £12,000 overcharge by Yorkshire Water

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

The Water Audit Experts” at H2O Building Services were requested to carry out a detailed water audit for a large site in Hull. One of the key areas of the water bill to check is the surface water charge, this is a charge for collection, treatment and disposal of rainwater that lands onto the site and enters the surface water drains. In this particular instance Yorkshire Water charged £2,822 per year for the service based on a specific sites measured area for example: –

Yorkshire Water measured the site area for charging purposes at between 15,001 – 35,000m2 for surface water charges Band F. Our water audit experts checked the charges and visited the site and concluded that there was an overcharge by Yorkshire Water of £2,446 per year, which historically to date is over £12,000!

“The Water Audit Experts” H2O Building Services informed the customer who approved the recommendation by H2O which was to request immediate cancellation of the overcharges and to apply the correct charges of £376 per year and to refund all of the historical overcharges. Yorkshire Water should be applauded for replying to the application to reduce the charges within 6 days BUT they are only offering a refund of £800!

Graham Mann, Senior Partner and Water Audit Expert at H2O Building Services comments “I am absolutely appalled that Yorkshire Water could overcharge its customer by such a staggering amount. The company did not make a minor error, the site area measurements were a major error to which there own customer has suffered a substantial financial loss. To refund only £800 of at least a £12,000 overcharge is disgusting. It is also interesting to note that Yorkshire Water are offering a “bill analysis and verification service” to its commercial customers. They claim they analyse water and waste water bills and tariffs for your site and look at historical bills to identify areas for potential savings. They also state that “Our aim is to confirm that your being charged correctly by your water supplier and are aware of any rebates which could be refunded to you” I would say to Yorkshire Water, how ironic, you should be looking closer to home and ensuring that you charge your own customers correctly rather than offering to look at business customers bills outside of your area in an effort to secure customers from other water companies. You should be focused on ensuring your charges are correct first and where they are not refunding all of the water bill overcharges not just less than 10% of the overcharge!. Needless to say our mutual client will not be at all happy and Yorkshire Water will be pursued until they do the right thing by their customer”.


Do you suspect your business is being overcharges by your water company? The contact “The Water Audit Experts”, why not take advantage of a free desktop water audit call 08456580948 or Search Google and type H2O The Water Audit Experts.