Towards water 2020 – meeting the challenges for water and waste water services in England and Wales

Author: Graham Mann, Water Audit Expert.

A discussion document recently released by the water regulator in England and Wales OFWAT considers the challenges facing the water industry in England and Wales and how the regulator OFWAT can help it address these challenges.

OFWAT is seeking the views of all interested parties to promote a shared understanding of the challenges facing the water industry and all those with an interest in it. The water industry faces demanding challenges: –

High quality reliable water and waste water services are an essential service, they are fundamental to: –


* Our quality of life.


* Our health and well being


* Our environment


* Our economy


The population growth in England and Wales coupled with climate change means that the water sector faces growing pressure to address the challenges for example: –


* Water scarcity


* Ever increasing demands for water


* Quality maintenance whilst improving the resilience of systems and services to customers.


In all we must “Value water more” click here for OFWAT discussion document Towards water 2020