Water audit experts H20 Building Services score a hit with Timu Academy Trust

Timu Academy Trust called water audit experts H20 Building Services for assistance in reducing their water and waste water bills, they had no idea of the scale of overcharging until the team at H20 Building Services completed a historic water and waste water audit, going through water and waste water bills going back some 12 years.


The water audit team followed a trail of overcharging back to 2006 and the water audit team delivered savings and refunds way beyond the schools expectations.

A substantial cheque was delivered to the school to the absolute delight of the schools representative, this money will have a huge impact on the finances and provide a much needed boost to the school.


Graham Mann, Senior Partner of H20 Building Services said “I am delighted with the results the team produced, yet another example of the teams expertise and desire to deliver beyond our clients expectations, and to deliver much needed cash back to the community is an additional bonus.

In addition we received a letter of thanks from the school which is now on our references page of our website but the letter reads as per below”


January 2019 – We contacted the water audit experts H20 Building Services as we knew we had been overcharged on our waste water bills.

Having submitted a claim to the water company ourselves and after some 6 months it was not progressing so we commissioned H20 to act on our behalf and to deal with the claim.

As a result they completed a water bill audit and advised us of the refund and annual savings.

The claim was sent to the water company and we received confirmation of the cancelled future charges and a refund.

H20 then completed a further water bill audit as we had been overcharged since 2006 and therefore discovered we were due a further more substantial refund.

A month later we were in receipt of a substantial refund cheque for all overcharges back dated 12 years.

It has been a pleasure to deal with a highly skilled professional team who delivered savings and refunds on our water bills well beyond our expectations and we would not hesitate to recommend them.


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