Water audit experts H20 Building Services No 1 priority is high quality client service delivery.

For over 20 years H20 Building Services have strived to exceed client expectations and ensure the focus is on delivering a first class service first time every time and ensuring maximum savings and refunds on client water bills.


The firm was commissioned to investigate the high water consumption for Howbery Park Estates, a company that manages Howbery Business Park, Wallingford.

Which is a quite stunning business park in the grounds of a former manor house just on the banks of the River Thames at Wallingford.


H20 Building Services installed an AMR water flow data logger in order to produce a visual daily and overnight water flow profile both in graphical and numerical format.

The daily and overnight water flow base load was identified as underground water leakage and water leak detection engineers were dispatched to locate the water leak(s) and produce a water leak survey report in order that water leak repairs could be completed.


The entire underground water distribution network was surveyed and we were able to deliver impressive savings going forwards and delivered a significant refund due to overcharging.


H20 Building Services are delighted to receive a letter of recommendation from Mr Paul Middleton, Technical Services Manager at Howbery Business Park as per below.


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