Water Management The Focus Of Ipswich Event

Businesses keen to find out more about water management and what can be done to make improvements in this regard may find it useful to head to Trinity Park Showground in Ipswich next month (September), as this is to be the focus of an innovation event organised by Anglian Water, alongside Essex & Suffolk Water.


Taking place between September 10th and 12th, the event has been set up to examine the major challenges that water suppliers and other large organisations now face, such as climate change, water stress and scarcity, and the environment while providing a quality service for customers.


There will be two areas for attendees to explore that relate to leak management – one showing how suppliers can use their data to identify leaks quicker than they do now and the other to encourage people to take part in discussions on how management of leaks could be revitalised by looking at other sectors and industries for inspiration.


David Jacobs, data manager with Anglian Water, explained that although the supplier’s leakage rate is at an industry-low of 5m3 per km or 16 per cent of water put into the network, there are several factors that mean the company has to work hard to push this even lower.


“The East of England is already the driest part of the UK and because of climate change we expect there to be less water in the environment in years to come,” he was quoted by the East Anglian Daily Times as saying.


“Added to this, it is likely water companies will not be able to extract as much water in the future because of environmental concerns, while there is also demand for an additional million extra properties across East Anglia over the next 25 years, all wanting access to water.”


If you’re not sure where to begin with water management, enlisting the services of a consultancy could be a good move to make. The team here at H2O Building Services can analyse your water bills, carry out a site audit and advise you on the improvements that could be made to your water usage.


By operating in this way, we can make sure that any and all leaks are found before they become problematic, while also ensuring that your water bills are correct now and into the future.


We can also serve as an intermediary between you and the water supplier itself, so can check your bills before you receive them to make sure that they’re correct and that any miscellaneous fees or abnormalities are spotted immediately, saving you time and money.


Benefits of a proper water management strategy include reduced water bills, online water bill management, reduced paper documentation, reassurance that future bills will be right, and the chance to claim money back on previous water bill errors.