Water self-supply is not new to “The Water Audit Experts” H20 Building Services

Water self-supply - switch water supplier


Water self-supply is not new, in fact in Scotland this has been available since April 2008 when Scotland became the first country to open up the water and sewerage services to competition.

Broadly this has worked well in Scotland, though service levels have been poor and no sign of any real improvement with water retailers blaming their wholesaler Scottish Water for applications of up to 2 years to complete water meter exchanges.

Why would the water retailers not take as long as they can to remove a large water meter attracting standing charges of £13,000 pa and fitting an smaller more suitable water meter with a standing charge of £800 pa. Big loss in income = long time to process applications!


“The Water Audit Experts” H20 Building Services primary focus is to reduce customers water and waste water costs by whatever means possible.

To stay well ahead of our industry we strive to be creative, innovative and challenging so indeed water self-supply is not new to H20.

In fact we have been carrying out water self-supply feasibility studies for various clients in Scotland since 2015, to date mainly in retail with one client saving a staggering £1million extra savings over a 5 year period and other large retailers with similar water savings.


So why didn’t the clients proceed with water self-supply proposals considering the large additional water bill savings which were well in excess of a retail deal?


  • “We are risk averse”
  • “Its not for us right now”
  • “Its not something we wish to pursue”


That was during 2015, now times are changing with the English Water Retail Market opening up to competition allowing companies to switch water supplier, water is now fast becoming to the top of the agenda so its up to water consultancies such as ourselves to educate and accurately inform.

In other words advise and provide clients with factual, impartial expert advice to enable businesses to make a fully informed decision as to the option available in order to fully maximise water and waste water savings and formulate a short, medium and long term water strategy, making use of every available opportunity with specific regard to water self-supply.


H20 have devised a scheme whereby we can interact with the wholesaler Scottish Water,  thereby bypassing  all the retail licenced water providers and benefiting from the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price.


H20 have access to the required software and technology needed together with the expertise and knowledge required to pass all tests on behalf of the client resulting in complete expert management of the whole process, effectively called water self-supply whereby the client will obtain a water licence to supply itself, the benefits are


Giving the client 100% control over its water and waste water billing.


Water self-supply results in a larger discount, cutting our the licenced water retailer and will always be the case, no more tendering retail water supply contracts.


Self billing, not billed by a 3rd party. 


 Any queries such as meters, incorrect data contributing to potential incorrect billing is rectified at source, no reliance on a water retailer and waiting months to resolve.


 Client to read their own water meters, no reliance on 3rd party retailers


 Full and free support and access to leading water consultants.


H20’s initial service delivery to the client.


Preparation of application for a water self-supply licence.


Provision of all software needed to manage a water self- supply arrangement.


Management of all interactions with the central marking agency (CMA).


Management of the process of signing the wholesale services agreement with Scottish Water the wholesaler.


Management and tracking of all forms to be submitted to Scottish Water the wholesaler.


Management of all transactions to the form the CMA including the supply point ID data ans meter readings.


Water self-supply financial and strategic feasibility report. 


As we recommend H20 will provide to the client a full and detailed report to enable you the client to make a fully informed choice as to whether or not to proceed with a water self-supply licence.

Upon receipt of the postal address(s) and the water and waste water billing data, the supply point ID’s (SPIDS) together with the details of any existing discount and the length of time left on the existing water supply contract.

Then within 14 working days H20 Building Services will provide all financial data on existing savings in comparison to default charges and the extra savings H20 can deliver through the enhanced discount together with all the relevant fees and statutory charges. This will also include details of H20’s expertise and water management support covering all aspects of set up and delivery.


If your business or organisation is interested in exploring the true value of water self-supply and maximising savings on future water bills call “The Water Audit Experts” on 01924 387 873 or email the Water Retail and Water Self-Supply Manager


Get ahead of the game and be informed.