URGENT Shout Out – All businesses in the North West £millions in refunds on water bills says H20 Building Services – claim your refund now

Millions in refund in North West - H2O Building Services


Fact! many businesses in the North West are being overcharged on their water and waste water bills as they struggle to survive the COVID pandemic, they are unknowingly being overcharged and the refund numbers are huge!


The savings and refunds due to customers in the North West are just waiting to be claimed.


As leading water consultants H2O Building Services announce typical figures from a few thousand in refunds and savings through to £50,000 and £100,000 in some cases.


See what some clients say.


Just this week says Graham Mann Senior Partner of H2O Building Services our claim for one of our customers was approved reducing their water bill by £16,000 a year with overcharges claimed back from 2 water retailers amounting to just under £100,000.

Most of the claims for refunds due to water billing errors go back 6 – 10 years and are hidden from view and uncovered by a water audit carried out by water industry experts H20 Building Services.


So what should businesses in the North West do to check their water bills for over charges ?


It is a very quick and simple process says Graham Mann


  1. Whether you have one site or multiple sites copy the water bills (all pages)
  2. Send the copy bills to and request a “free water audit”
  3. Upon receipt the water bill validation team will complete a water audit and send you details of the audit and if you are being overcharged.
  4. We will then offer to make a claim for reducing the charges going forwards and negotiate a refund of the overcharges going back 6 – 10 years.
  5. What will a claim cost you?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       If we reduce your charges going forwards by say £5,000 per year our fee is ZERO percent, so you keep 100% of any savings carried forwards.                                                                             Refunds – we charge 30 percent of any refund negotiated, your business receives 70 percent of the refund so in this example

Refund £28,000

Our fee 30 percent = £8,400

Client receives = £19,600

Plus the £5,000 per year savings = £24,600


This is carried out on a now win no fee basis.


Act now and send your copy bills to and claim your free water audit.